About Us

Hoe Lawyers has printed on every one of its business cards a motto that its staff lives up to and that motto is:

Better a little gain with righteousness than much gain with injustice.  (Proverbs 16:8)

Based on a humble christian ethos, Hoe Lawyers takes pride in being a general legal practice that advises on a myriad of issues involving contract, civil, criminal and commercial law, with several specialities in conveyancing (property & business settlement), wills and estate, and personal injuries compensation from motor vehicle accidents.

Hoe Lawyers has experience in many jurisdictions including the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Powered by a competent and experienced team of solicitors and conveyancers, Hoe Lawyers offers a professional, personable and prompt legal service to many different types of clients ranging from individuals, couples, families and corporate entities. All clients of Hoe Lawyers have had their legal needs well met in almost all stages of life from buying first homes to selling businesses to applying for a grant of Probate or Letters of Administration on a deceased’s estate.

Hoe Lawyers has helped many hundreds of satisfied clients since it was formed in 2009 by:

As it has done for its hundreds of satisfied clients, Hoe Lawyers is committed to providing you with:

  1. excellent & affordable legal services with transparency in costs & the option of fixing costs with a Costs Quote;
  2. comprehensive & clear legal advice, both verbal & written; &
  3. responsive & appropriate legal action to serve your best interests at all times.

Come see us now for a free no-obligation initial consultation!

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