Gerald Hoe

About Gerald Hoe

LLB, BSc (Psy) (1st class Honours)

Barrister & Solicitor


Legal Director, Hoe Lawyers Pty Ltd

Gerald graduated from the University of Western Australia with a double degree in Law and Science, namely Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science (majoring in Psychology) with 1st class Honours in 2002.

After a year as an Articled Clerk working with the renowned personal injuries compensation specialist, Simon Walters, Solicitor, and Joe Persich, Barrister, Gerald was admitted as a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court in September 2003.

Thereafter, he began his illustrious career as a Personal Injuries Compensation lawyer who fought tirelessly to maximise compensation for people who are injured in motor vehicle and work accidents as well as victims of crime. After being promoted to Senior Associate who managed teams of Solicitors and Articled Clerks for almost 2 years, he decided to expand his legal expertise in Personal Injuries Compensation by also practising in Civil Law and Public Liability as well as Criminal Law by working at DG Price & Co.

After a total of almost 7 years of legal experience, he left full-time employment to practise as a mostly self-taught sole legal practitioner trading as Hoe Lawyers in 2009. Founding his sole legal practice on Conveyancing and Estate Law, Gerald pursued his dream of forming a law firm that practises in a myriad of legal areas and specialises in a select few.

Subsequently in late 2014, Gerald’s professional dream took shape when he created Hoe Lawyers Pty Ltd as an incorporated legal practice that officially commenced trading on 1 July 2015.

Now backed by a highly professional and an equally amiable team of solicitors, paralegals and conveyancers, Gerald passionately leads them with impeccable integrity and insightful intellect to provide accessible, affordable and reliable legal services to all who consult Hoe Lawyers.

His other personal skills include a command of conversational Mandarin and playing a mean game of poker, as well as an avid fan and collector of numerous board games. He prides himself as a passionate practising Roman Catholic who is also a Catechist in St Mary’s Cathedral as well as being a family man to his young wife and a doting father to his young daughter and two younger sons.

Contact Gerald at or (08) 6244 5234 to book an appointment to consult him now!

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