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Civil law is an expansive law practice. It covers a broad range of legal issues, including personal injury, debt recovery and employment. Unlike criminal law, where the dispute concerns a person and the state, civil law focuses on conflicts between two individuals.

Civil disputes are both stressful and demanding, especially when they result in a courtroom battle. If you’re in this situation, you’d need an experienced civil lawyer to help you navigate a tricky legal dispute.

Hoe Lawyers, an established civil law firm, helps clients in Perth tackle civil legal disputes. We have knowledgeable civil lawyers who protect your interests and come up with a straightforward and fast resolution to your case.

We consider experience as our key differentiator. Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in Australia to negotiate and resolve disputes. We also deliver clear legal advice and responsive legal action to serve your best interests.

Another quality that sets us apart is our no-win, no-fee policy on personal injury compensation claims. This is a risk-free way of obtaining care, treatment and compensation to help get your life back on track.

Our Practice Areas

Our skilled civil lawyers provide legal assistance and representation on a broad range of civil matters, including:

  • Personal Injuries Compensation
    • Motor Vehicle Accident
    • We represent injured victims of motor vehicle accidents in applying for compensation for personal injuries under the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act 1943 within 3 years of their accidents. We assist these victims in claiming against the Insurance Commission of WA, which is the compulsory third party insurer of the driver at fault, for compensation for their pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, and gratuitous services as a result of their accident injuries that exceed 5% of the worst-case scenario of injuries.

    • Criminal Injuries
    • We represent victims of crime in applying for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2003 within 3 years from when the crime was last committed on them.

  • Debt recovery
    • Letter of Demand
    • For a low fixed fee, we issue and serve letters of demands on debtors to compel them to pay long outstanding debts.

    • Minor Case Claim (Magistrate Court)
    • We initiate and defend small claims in the Magistrates Court for sums of up to $10,000 and we represent parties in attending Pre-trial Conferences and negotiating resolution of their claims.

    • General Procedure Claim (Magistrate Court)
    • We initiate and defend bigger claims in the Magistrates Court for sums of more than $10,000 and we represent parties in attending Pre-trial Conferences & negotiating resolution of their claims.

Why Seek the Help of a Civil Litigation Lawyer

You need a competent lawyer by your side when you’re facing civil litigation. Here’s why:

  • Decreases Your Risk of Losing the Case
  • Getting representation from an lawyer will boost the chances of things going smoothly for your case. If something does go awry, your lawyer will make an effort to tip the scales to your favour.

  • Prevents Self-Incrimination
  • When you’re in court, there’s such a thing as speaking too much or too honestly. Before you begin a trial, your lawyer will coach you on how to respond appropriately to court questions. Your lawyer makes sure that you don’t say anything incriminating that will make you lose your case.

  • Provides Assurance
  • Although you have the option to represent yourself in court, this is not advisable. Your emotions could cloud your judgement and prevent you from thinking rationally.  A lawyer assures you that he’ll look at the situation objectively, recognise and call out unfair bias or treatment and advocate your best interest.

  • Familiarises You with Court Procedures and Rules
  • If you or the other party takes the case to court, you’d need to be familiar with the ins and outs of the court rules. The judge, along with the court staff, won’t give you a pass for not knowing or following the proper procedures. With the help of a civil litigation lawyer, you’ll know exactly what to do once you step foot inside the courtroom.

How a Civil Litigation Process Works

Civil litigation usually goes through the following stages:

  • Pleadings
  • This initial step involves both parties filing paperwork in the court presenting their side of the story. The plaintiff will be the one filing the complaint while the defendant is required to file a response.

  • Discovery 
  • This phase involves both parties collecting information to bolster their arguments. They gather evidence by interrogating witnesses, obtaining relevant documents and examining the crime scene.

  • Trial
  • The lawsuit will move to this stage if both parties are unable to resolve the dispute out of court. During the trial, both the plaintiff and the defence will present evidence supporting their claims to the judge. Lawyers typically prevent cases from going to trial, as part of their strategy, especially if they’re unable to secure or predict a favourable outcome for their clients.

  • Appeal
  • If one party disagrees with the verdict, they have the option to appeal the outcome with the appropriate appellate court.

Facing a civil case isn’t easy. We’ll make the process as smooth and as hassle-free for you as possible. Arrange a free, 30-minute initial consultation with our law firm today by sending an email to or calling 08 6244 5234.

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