Commercial law

Obtain Trusted Legal Advice on Business Issues with Our Commercial Lawyers

a) Franchise Agreement

We review all Franchise Agreements and its supplementary documents like disclosure documents and provide potential franchisees with the required independent and comprehensive legal advice.

b) Contract (Sale & Purchase)

We draft a customised comprehensive contract to sell & buy businesses to ensure that all parties are protected and that the sale & purchase ultimately proceeds to settlement without complications.

c) Guarantee & Indemnity

We provide the required independent legal advice to persons who guarantee loans and indemnify lender banks.

d) Partnership Agreement

We draft agreements that establish partnerships and formalise their terms. Our agreements are customised for our Client’s individual needs, however they typically cover matters such as the partnership name, purpose, how it is to be managed, how profits and losses are to be allocated and the procedures involved in terminating and/or liquidating the partnership agreement.

e) Deed of Agreement

A Deed of Agreement represents a binding promise or commitment between parties. We draft these agreements on a broad range of matters and ensure that our Client’s interests are carefully protected.

f) Loan Agreements

We draft loan agreements between borrowers and lenders that formalise the mutual promises made by each party and safeguard their interests in the event of default.