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Speed up and Simplify Property Transfer with a Conveyancing Lawyer in Perth

Conveyancing refers to the legal transfer of property from one individual to another, typically between a buyer and a seller. A person looking to buy or sell property must follow a process to make sure that the transfer of ownership is valid and adheres to legal obligations.

This process is both complex and confusing, especially for first-timers. It may involve factors that require careful consideration, such as the price and the parties involved in a transaction. If you’re going through this process for the first time, you’ll need a property settlement lawyer who looks after your best interests and acts on your behalf.

Hoe Lawyers assists with conveyancing matters. We help buyers and sellers of all types of properties and businesses to settle their purchases and sales in a smooth hassle-free manner. We ensure that all outgoings are fairly apportioned between both parties, outstanding rates, charges and taxes fully paid, monies held in trust properly disbursed, and titles to the properties and business names of businesses are legally transferred.

Our years of delivering stellar service is a quality that makes us stand out over other property settlement law firms in Perth, Australia. Since 2009, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients in settling the sale or purchase of houses, businesses and investment properties.  

Our experienced property settlement lawyers provide hassle-free conveyancing. We understand that the process of buying or selling a property is stressful. Our law firm takes care of the complex procedural and legal work.

We also offer a price-beat guarantee. If you come across a lower conveyancing quote, we’ll do our best to beat that price.

Our Conveyancing Services

Buying, selling or transferring your property or home can be a complex and time consuming process. Choosing to work with an expert conveyancing lawyer in Perth speeds up and simplifies the entire conveyancing process. You can get started today by checking out our conveyancing services below. Our qualified property settlement lawyers in Perth are ready to help you.

Our property settlement law office provides the following conveyancing services:

Residential Conveyancing

We help first-time homebuyers, investment property owners and vacant land owners in the process of buying or selling residential properties. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a lifestyle block, a unit title or an empty home, we’re here to help you with the paperwork and provide much-needed legal advice. Look forward to a hassle-free and successful outcome to your conveyancing transaction with the assistance of our conveyancers. 

Commercial Conveyancing

We help clients buy and sell various commercial properties, including industrial lands, serviced offices, restaurants, lunch bars and cafés. Our property settlement attorneys have experience negotiating agreements and customised leases for retail and commercial premises. We can assist with executing the contract of sale, organising finance for purchase of property, reviewing searches and removing conditions, and any matters that might arise after settlement.

Why Hire a Property Settlement Lawyer

Technically, you can buy or sell a property by yourself. Getting a conveyancing attorney isn’t a legal requirement. Taking a DIY approach to property settlement, however, is difficult—or even dangerous. Conveyancing mistakes, such as overlooking an important detail or skipping an important step in the settlement process, could land you in legal hot water.

Here are a few smart reasons to work with a lawyer instead of getting everything done on your own:

  • Saves You Money Down the Road – When you’re buying and selling a property, expect to read and sign legally binding contracts. If there’s a legal term or clause you don’t quite understand, you should consult a lawyer for guidance. Although hiring a lawyer costs money, this is far better than signing a contract you don’t understand and incurring penalties.

  • Provides Valuable Insights on a Property – Due diligence is crucial in a conveyancing process. You don’t want unwanted surprises popping up after purchasing a property. Conveyancing lawyers use their knowledge and resources to give you insights about the property you’re going to buy.

  • Extensive Searches - The property industry tends to attract people looking to make a quick buck, with some sellers trying to offer you a property with underlying issues you may be oblivious to. A conveyancer and property lawyer in Perth can conduct an extensive search on the property to assess and determine if there are any concerns you should be aware of. Checking out things such as the background and history of the property are crucial to avoid any hidden surprises that could cause ongoing issues. They also check the surroundings and nearby area to determine whether or not the property is breaching local or federal laws.
  • Reduces Stress – Purchasing or selling a property involves completing a mountain of paperwork and coordinating with various professionals, such as building inspectors and mortgage brokers. The number of tasks required is both challenging and time-consuming to complete. With a conveyancing lawyer, the buying or selling process is less stressful on your part. Your lawyer will take care of the legal legwork and keep everything in order.  

  • Representation - This is the main reason people hire property conveyancing solicitors in Perth. Interpreting how property laws work and any other legal matters you might encounter may sound foreign to you. Having a conveyancer will make it easier for you to digest all the jargon. You attorney can also act on your behalf when dealing with bothersome buyers and unwanted sellers.

Enjoy a hassle-free property transfer with Hoe Lawyers. Arrange a free, 30-minute initial consultation with us today by calling 08 6244 5234 or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a conveyancer?

You will need to hire a conveyancing lawyer in Perth as soon as you've agreed on an offer on a property. Your attorney will then oversee the process that transfers the ownership of the property you are selling or buying. In some cases, you will also need a conveyancer if you are moving to a different lender. Some people also hire a conveyancer to conduct a pre-purchase review of the contract.

How much does it cost?

When looking for property settlement lawyers in Perth, keep in mind that conveyancing fees can differ. It's best to schedule an initial consultation to ask for a quote before you make your decision. Aside from learning about the fees, you should also make sure they're registered and licensed in your state. It also helps to check their references and see if they have current professional indemnity insurance.

What type of conveyancing services do you offer?

At Hoe Lawyers, we provide both residential and commercial conveyancing services. Our highly experienced property conveyancing solicitors in Perth will oversee the entire transaction, making sure each step won't cause you any disadvantage. We are committed to helping you enjoy a smooth, stress-free property transaction.

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

The key difference between conveyancers and solicitors is that licensed conveyancers can only operate in their area of property law – which is conveyancing. There's less chance of them being in court or out of the office dealing with other legal issues. Licensed conveyancers have also completed two years or supervised practice in conveyancing before getting their license. Solicitors don't need to have any practical training or conveyancing experience to be qualified – making conveyancers the better option.

How do I contact a conveyancer in Perth?

At Hoe Lawyers, we always have a conveyancer and property lawyer in Perth ready to help you out. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today by calling 08 6244 5234 or emailing

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