Criminal law

a) Pleas in Mitigation (for Guilty Pleas)

We represent convicted persons in minimising their sentences and obtaining spent convictions to avoid getting criminal records.

b) Indictable Offence

We defend persons against serious criminal charges like grievous bodily harm in the District Court of WA including attending all Directions Hearings and briefing Counsel for trial.

c) Traffic Offence

We represent people who have been charged with traffic offences and represent them prior to and throughout any related proceedings.

d) Extraordinary Drivers Licence

We represent people who have lost their driver’s licence in applying for an Extraordinary Drivers Licence that allows them to drive to keep their jobs.

e) Restraining Order (MRO & VRO)

We represent victims of abusive, intimidatory or offensive behaviour in applying to Court under the Restraining Orders Act 1997 for restraining orders to protect them from the perpetrators of such behaviours.

We represent persons who have applications for restraining orders made against them in negotiating more reasonable terms of such orders by way of undertakings &/or consent orders or to dismiss the applications entirely.