Estate Law

a) Last Will & Testament incl. Testamentary Trusts

We draft Last Will & Testaments for individuals and ensure that their testamentary wishes are accurately reflected in their Wills. We deal with questions like how their estate would be distributed, whether directly or indirectly through a testamentary trust, who would be appointed as Guardians to look after their children, and who their Executors and Trustees would be to carry out their testamentary wishes.

b) Probate & Letter of Administration Applications

We assist individuals in obtaining a grant of Probate by preparing motions and affidavits to be filed with the deceased person’s Will at the Supreme Court to enable their Executors to deal with their estate and administer it according to their Wills.

In the event that a deceased person did not leave a Will, or the Will is invalid, we assist individuals in applying to the Supreme Court to obtain Letters of Administration to appoint an Administrator to distribute the deceased’s estate according to law.

c) Enduring Power of Attorney & Guardianship

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document that operates during your lifetime to enable a third party to make any and all decisions on your behalf and in your best interests if and when you are legally incapacitated. Such decisions often include financial ones such as the management and use of your assets during your lifetime.

An Enduring Power of Guardianship is similar to an Enduring Power of Attorney under which a third party, usually a trusted family member, would act as your legal guardian who would be empowered to make decisions regarding your health and lifestyle only.

d) Advance Health Directive

An Advance Health Directive, commonly known as the Living Will, allows you to decide beforehand whether and what medical treatment you do/do not wish to undergo should you become legally incapacitated to make such medical decisions.