Lankesh Ravikumar



Lankesh graduated from Murdoch University with a Juris Doctor (J.D) in September 2013 and later graduated from the College of Law with a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Lankesh was admitted as full-time Solicitor in December 2014 and commenced his career at Hoe Lawyers as a part-time Solicitor in July 2016 and is presently a full-time Solicitor at Hoe Lawyers.

Prior to joining Hoe Lawyers, Lankesh practised law in India for more than eight years in the areas of criminal law, civil litigation, commercial, property and constitutional law matters and has appeared before various courts and tribunals.

At Hoe Lawyers, Lankesh works with his fellow solicitors and colleagues in a wide range of areas such as commercial, family, estate planning and criminal matters.